Sustainable Energy Supply 2017

Wednesday 22nd March 2017, QEII Centre, London SW1P 3EE

The Public Sector: Sustainable Energy Supply conference is timely and extremely relevant to all Local Authorities and other public bodies for a number of important reasons:

  • The Climate Change Act of 2008 legally obliges Local Authorities to reduce carbon levels from 1990 levels, by 80% by 2050 with an interim target of a 57% reduction by 2032

  • The Climate Change Committee has indicated that to hit the 2032 target  they need to be looking at District Heating and heat pump technologies: to hit the 2050 target we need a fundamental change to the way that heat and power are generated and consumed across the public sector

  • DECC previously indicated in several warnings that the supply infrastructure for power is under threat in the UK. Coal fired power stations are being taken off-line as they become obsolete and the long term capacity gap in the UK is shortening dramatically

  • Security of supply is now becoming an issue and with the long term debate on the merits of fracking continuing, at this stage a secure supply of natural gas is under threat as we continue to be supplied largely by continental Europe

  • Long term forecasts for the cost of power and gas remain upwards and there are no indications that this will change in the foreseeable future

  • Under the Clean Air Act many Local Authorities are now facing action over high pollution levels

Clearly it makes sense for councils to approach internal efficiencies and cost reduction with projects such as LED lighting, BMS and controls, boilers, insulation etc. However, it is also imperative that more community based projects such as district heating are addressed urgently and placed high on the list of priorities for action now. These projects take a long timeframe to get off the ground, need much larger budgets and more time to come to fruition, though capital cost barriers may be removed or reduced through private sector project and programme funding.

With the Climate Change Committee already looking for that 57% reduction in carbon by 2030 it is time to act now...

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